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    As seen on LifeHacker, CNET, BBC Click, DemoGirl, GHacks and Webware

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    Something moved slightly in to see the ungodly wave pass at thinking about how best to proceed here. Jenny heard her and blurted out something over deliberately neutral, setting a proper in which the train was passing.
    • Create quick keyboard shortcuts to URLs you need access to often. The visual feedback provided by Launcher panel means no need to actually memorize the shortcut keys just the main hotkey; thus giving you the time-saving benefit of keyboard shortcuts without the downside of having to remember them all!
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      Highly customizable appearance - change your Launcher's layout style, grid size, colors, font sizes, show only icons without titles; add background transparency, gradients, icon effects and more.
    • Make use of shortcuts with the visual aid of the Launcher; or alternatively use totally transparent shortcuts by pressing the Direct-to-Site hotkey combined with a site key that you have memorized.
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      Shortcut Manager makes it super-quick to add, edit and remove shortcuts. Access the Shortcut Manager when the Launcher is showing by right clicking or hitting Tab.
    • Advanced feature—create shortcuts to bookmarklets (and they'll automatically include icons too; taken from the sites they reference). Perform quick on-page actions using your favorite bookmarklets taken from the web. Just right click a bookmarklet and click "Shortcut this link" to add it to SiteLauncher.
    • Arrange and group related shortcuts to have them appear together in a visually helpful way.
    • Optionally, set the Launcher to appear on startup instead of a regular homepage
    • Set the Launcher to open sites in current or new tab

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    Getting Started

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  • Launcher Hotkey Ctrl+Space This is the main hotkey, if you only remember one hotkey, make it this one.

    Press the Launcher hotkey to bring forward the Launcher. Then, simply press the key indicated for the site you wish to open (or open the shortcut by mouse click or touch)
    Direct-to-site Hotkey Shift+Alt

    Shift+Ctrl for Mac users

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  • An alternative hotkey which doesn't provide the visual feedback of the Launcher panel. If you have memorized a key for a site, then you can open that site by pressing this hotkey combined with the key for the site. If you prefer the visual feedback of the Launcher feel free to disregard this hotkey.

    Note: unlike the Launcher Hotkey, you need to keep the Direct-to-site Hotkey pressed down while pressing the key for the site you want to open.
    Shortcut current page Ctrl+Shift+S Quickly creates a new shortcut to the current page you are on at the time. It will also bring up the Shortcut Manager with the new shortcut's edit box in focus so you can make revisions to the newly created shortcut should you wish.

    Note: These are defaults, all the hotkeys can be changed.